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    Blogging For Real Estate Agents

    Creating a blog for your real estate business is a great way to attract and convert more organic leads. Additionally, blogging allows your name to be known more by those who live in your city, even if they aren't in the buying or selling market.

    What is Real Estate Blogging?

    Real estate blogging is when you write content for your real estate website. This content can be on a number of different topics, not limited to just buying and selling real estate.

    How Will Blogging Help my Real Estate Business?

    Publishing content online is a great way to grow your email lists and get people into your pipeline. The idea of a real estate content strategy is to create posts that are outside of just buying and selling real estate.

    For example, you could create posts on the top restaurants, things to do on the weekends, etc. Now, people in your area will start to see your name on the content and (hopefully) subscribe.

    When it comes time to buy or sell, they will immediately think of you as you have been consistently providing them with fun activities and information about the city.

    Lead Generation Tips For Real Estate Agent Blogs

    Have a Call to Action

    One of the best lead-generation tips for Real Estate Agent Blogs is to have a call to action (CTA). This will have a huge impact on how quickly you grow your email list. A CTA can be a number of things and here are some ideas:

    • Download The Weekend Guide for {city}
    • Download my 10 tips for preparing your home for the market
    • Download my guide for first-time homebuyers

    Your viewers can then enter their email to receive downloads and can be segmented within your email marketing campaign Having them segmented will allow you to understand which emails they should receive.

    For example, someone who downloads the city guide will most likely want to learn more about things to do and not tips about buyers or selling.

    It's important to note that even though they may only be receiving information on the city, your email branding will show that you are an agent. You can also setup a landing page for the visitor to receive the download. Here, you will be able to put a section that highlights your services as a real estate agent.

    Content Ideas For Realtors

    If you're wondering what you should post on your real estate blog, here are some free content templates to help get you started:

    Carrot’s Real Estate Marketing Plan Template Generator
    Generate your free real estate marketing plan template and video to increase lead generation and conversion, gain momentum, and stand out in your market!

    For Sellers

    • 10 Ways to Prepare Your Home For The Market
    • Should I Stage My Home Before I List?
    • Repairs You Shouldn't Make Before Listing Your Home
    • How Long Does The Home Selling Process Take in {city}?

    For Buyers

    • Steps to Becoming Pre-Approved
    • The Process After You Go Under Contract on a Purchase
    • Common Credit Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing a Home
    • Questions to Help Narrow Down The Best Home in Your Price Range

    For Residents of Your City

    • Free Weekend Activities
    • Best Tacos in {city}
    • Upcoming Events in {city}
    • Date Night Ideas for {city}

    Best Blog Platform Website For A Real Estate Blog

    If you're looking for a website to simply host your blog, I recommend Ghost. Ghost is the platform you are reading this on :) and is one of the easiest to set up and manage.

    Additionally, It is fully optimized for SEO, allowing you to start posting without having to navigate a tricky backend.

    Ghost: Turn your audience into a business
    The world’s most popular modern publishing platform for creating a new media platform. Used by Apple, SkyNews, Buffer, OpenAI, and thousands more.

    Now, if you're looking for a blog that has an IDX integration, I recommend Carrot. Like Ghost, Carrot is fully optimized for SEO and is extremely easy to navigate. Carrot also provides pre-written blog content so you can start posting immoderately.

    10 Carrot Website Examples - Both Stunning and Effective | Carrot
    Do You Want a Website That’s Both Stunning and Effective? Here are 10 Beautiful Carrot Website Examples for Inspiration!

    How to Get Start Your Real Estate Agent Blog

    Step 1: Signup for Ghost

    You can have your real estate blog live within 7 minutes of signing up. Ghost makes it very easy to select a template, enter some information, and make your site live.

    How to setup your Ghost publication
    We’ve crammed the most important information to help you setup your new publication into this post.

    Step Two: Think of Questions You Are Frequently Asked

    To get started, create content that can be distributed on social media and in your email campaigns. For example, if you always find yourself answering questions about the home-buying process, this would be a great resource create.

    Now, when you receive that question in the future, you can send them to the blog post with the answer outlined.

    Step 3: Create a Content Planner

    Once you have a good idea of the type of content you want to schedule the content out so you can stay consistent with posting. Ghost allows you to schedule content and there are also a few content planners you can use.

    If you do not use the scheduling feature in Ghost, I recommend airtable, a free service that will allow you to create a board to manage content  

    Real Estate Blogger For Hire

    If you would prefer to outsource your content writing, there are some real estate bloggers you can hire, relatively inexpensive.

    For outsourcing your writing, here is who I recommend:

    hire real estate blogger to write

    An alternative option is using Carrot.

    For Content Pro members, with their Content Marketing System, you get regular “content packs” of blog posts that are high quality (great for search engines!) and informative (great for humans!), plus they’ve been optimized with some of the most powerful search engine optimization strategies on the planet… then localized for your market.

    They can help you put some of your content marketing on autopilot, saving you dozens of hours per month and hundreds of dollars vs. hiring out the writing and optimization… plus you can always edit these posts to put your own spin to them before they publish.