Business Cards for Real Estate Agents

As a real estate agent, you may think that with everything going digital, you no longer need to carry a business card. Interinsgliny enough, I run across 4 -7 people, of all ages, asking if I have a card each week.

As a real estate agent, you may think that with everything going digital, you no longer need to carry a business card. Interestingly enough, I run across 4 -7 people, of all ages, asking if I have a card each week.

People are accustomed to business cards and it is something I recommend having a card on hand at all times and are especially important for open houses, real estate pop-bys, and even if you decide to throw a real estate football party!

Even when you're out and about, you never know when you may run into potential clients.

Now, new technology allows for you to keep an additional card on hand, the digital business card.

Should I get a digital business card for real estate?

If you're looking to go the digital business card route, there are multiple options to choose from. Digital business cards are great for networking events. These "cards" are sent electronically, making it impossible to lose.

Additionally, you can never run out of digital cards and won't have to worry about re-stocking.

Now, I recommend having a digital card in addition to a classic, paper business card.

What Information Should I Have on my Real Estate Agent Business Card?

The information on your real estate business card should be limited and not to over crowded. I have seen some agent put their social media links on their card and personally believe this makes the card have too much information.

I keep it simple with the following information:

  • Cell phone number
  • Real Estate Email
  • Agent Website

I can understand why some agents want other links, such as social media on their card. Since I do not have those links on my business cards, I will always add the person I met on Social Media... This is also a great way to stay front of mind!

EXP Realty Business Card

EXP Realty offers its agents 1000 business cards upon joining their team. These cards will most likely be the basic design with your headshot. Some agents want to use their creative skills to create their own designs.

Here are some templates to use for creating your EXP business card:

EXP Business Card Templates

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Luxury Real Estate Business Cards

A luxury business card for agents could fall into many different categories. One could opt for the gold foil card, although I do not recommend this.

The more practical Luxury business card for agents would be something that has a minimalistic design. Personally, I am a huge fan of the blue and gold color combination.

Here is a link for Luxury and professional real estate business cards template:

Luxury Business Card For Real Estate Agents

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Where Can I print real estate Business cards?

There are a few options when choosing where to print your realtor business cards. For most of these options, you will have to design the card on one site and import it to a different site to have it printed. This can be burdensome and also the print lines may not line up.

Staples print

Staples also offer same-day pickup, although it can be expensive. This can be a great option if you need the cards very quickly.

Local Print Shop

Utilizing a local print shop is always appreciated as you are supporting a local business. Depending on the shop, sending you files to them can be somewhat cumbersome. It strictly depends on how their site is setup and if you can upload files directly.


Personally, I use Canva for business custom real estate agent business card design and for printing the cards. Canva makes it easy as you have multiple options to choose from for the best pre-made real estate business card template.  

These templates are also all double sided, making it easy to add all of your contact information. From there, you can easily order the cards without having to export the files and send them elsewhere.

You can find custom real estate design templates that are similar to Keller Williams, EXP, Coldwell Banker, and others.

This also allows for easy editing as the bleed lines are shown during the design process, ensuring a clean-looking card.

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Qr Code For Business Cards

QR codes are 2-dimensional barcodes that can hold more information than traditional barcodes. They can be scanned by smartphones, and they're used to provide directions to a business, or even provide contact information.

Qr codes have been gaining more popularity as of late. Personally, I am a huge fan of adding a QR code for your agent website on all of your real estate marketing. Canva does have a (free) qr code generator you can use for your business card.

Common Questions Asked About Real Estate Agent Business Cards

How many business cards should I order?

If this is your first time ordering cards, I recommend opting for a smaller amount. This will ensure you like the quality and the design of your card. Once you are satisfied with your business card, I recommend ordering at least 500 cards... That way, you receive the bulk discount and have plenty of cards on hand.

Can I print my business cards at home?

The answer is yes... But, I do not recommend it. The quality of the card will depend heavily on your printer and most home printers cannot print with the same quality that printing companies can.

If you want to try printing on your own, head over to canva to create your real estate business card design. Once that has been completed, you will want to purchase paper (about $20 for 1000 cards) that is perforated and made specifically for business cards.

You can then simply download and print!