Chatgpt For Real Estate Agents

Over the past few weeks, Chatgpt has made its way into the hands of students, professionals, and others curious to see what the next generation of the internet has to offer.

What is Chatgpt (and why does is matter)?

At its core, Chatgpt is a chatbot that can do a number of functions. Some utilize it to edit their computer code whereas others find themselves asking it to create a meal plan for the week.

Within seconds, it spits out a response to the most intricate question you can scrounge up to ask. In return, Chatgpt can reduce various tasks to a matter of minutes.

This is especially a huge asset for real estate agents as we will no longer be tied up writing email copy, creating social media content, etc.

Chatgpt can also serve in areas where your brain may lack. Some of us aren't creative or struggle with writing compelling emails.

What Are The Cons When Using Chatgpt For Real Estate?

While its hard to list any cons that come along with having a robot as your second brain, I did notice one minor inconvenience.

The style of writing it uses may differ from how you write (and yes, some of you write like a robot so you can skip this section).

This can be somewhat of an incontinence when it comes time to edit the content it produces. For example, lets say chatgpt creates an email for you and you need to make some changes. When you try to blend your writing style with the style produced by a robot, the wording may end up somewhat odd.

Now, an easy way around this is to simply edit the request and type in what it missed the first time. It will then rewrite your content, including what you added.

chatgpt for real estate agents how to use

5 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Use Chatgpt

The only restriction is the creativity you have when asking Chatgpt to handle a task for you. In an effort to get the brain juices flowing, here are 5 ways you can use Chatgpt in your real estate business.

Listing descriptions

We have all found ourselves staring at a computer trying to drum up the perfect listing description for our clients... "How do we make the carpeted bathrooms sound cool?" "My client insisted I mention how the stained carpets add character to the home"

Real Estate Listing - Residential - Templates
Creative captivating real estate listings that sell homes quickly. This is just one of over 50 skills Jarvis knows to write content fast.

Luckily for us, Chatgpt can make light work of these absurd requests from our clients.

chatgpt for real estate
Little did we know that stained carpets add "warmth" to a home... we even learn something new with Chatgpt! 

Create Facebook Posts

As a real estate agent, there are only so many posts we can make on social media before our follower count starts trending in the wrong direction. "Yes, Suzy, we know you are always open for a referral."

When we reach this point, we either stop posting content or hire a social media manager... who is most likely using Chatgpt.

how to use chatgpt for real estate
Chatgpt is nice enough to even include the hashtags

Create Blog Content

Who knew you can suddenly become the neighborhood expert with one sentence? Chatgpt will dig up all the dirt... I mean facts... about your city. Not only does this make our website shine, but this also allows us to put out content quickly to help us generate more website leads.

If you would like some content prompts, checkout this free resource:

Carrot’s Real Estate SEO Keyword Bible
In our Real Estate SEO Keyword Bible, you’ll learn how to find the most profitable keywords and what to do with these keywords on your website.
use chatgpt to generate real estate leads
Look- you now specialize in Little Havan real estate! 

Email Marketing

I hate bringing bad news but someone has to do it. You know those email drips you have been using for 7 years? 328 other agents have been sending the exact same emails to your same pool of leads. Devastating, I know.

Luckily, ChatGPT can help you refresh those emails and get someone to open it, for once.

How can I use chatgpt in my real estate business

Create Video Scripts

"This is uhhh the kitchen" "Over here, we have the uhhh spacious closet." Sound familiar?

Let's revamp these video tours and make them a little more uhhh interesting.

Carrot’s Video Marketing for Real Estate Playbook
Video marketing for real estate attracts motivated prospects for 20 min a week or less - no gear or tech expertise required. Scripts & over 50 ideas included!

ChatGPT has your back (and your commission check) with its generous offering of not only a script but also how the footage should be taken.

real estate agents chatgpt

How to Get Started Using ChatGPT For Real Estate

At the time of writing this, ChatGPT is free to use. Due to the influx of users, it isn't always available to use and I have found the best time to use it is during the evening and the weekends.

Step 1: Create an Account

You will want to head over to the website to signup for a free account.

how to use chatgpt

Step 2: Review Your Calendar or "to-do" List

Personally, I found the best way to get started is to start checking off my to-do list. You will want to start off with the subject of the request. For example "write an email" or "create a blog post outline about..."

Step 3: Make Changes And Update

The great thing about ChatGPT for real estate agents is it learns as it goes. For example, lets you make a request asking it to write a page about your company called "towven". Moving forward, you would no longer have to write "towven" as it learns about your company name and what it offers.

So, as you make changes to the content it produces, it learns and gets better each time. Pretty soon, your content will be produced flawlessly.

Tips When Using ChatGPT For Real Estate

Tip #1: Be Specific As Possible

Especially if using ChatGPT for writing a listing description, be sure to include as much information as possible. While its great at filling in the gaps, the quality of the output is determined by your input.

Tip #2: Tell it The Length of Response You Would Like

The last thing you want is a 7 paragraph email that goes on and on about how you have been selling real estate since the roaring 20's. Say: "Give me a 2-paragraph email about..."

chatgtp real estate email examples

Tip #3: Provide The Use Case

ChatGPT is great at adapting to different use cases. Be sure to include your intent and what the source content you are providing is from. For example, if you would like an email to be written into a Facebook post, say: "rewrite this email for a Facebook post".

Tip #4: Change The Writing Style

The style can be easily changed by saying "in the style of a historian write a blog post about the amazon jungle".


using chatgpt for real estate agents

Thanks, ChatGPT!