How to market to homeowners for real estate agents

If you're an agent, you know how hard it is to find clients. Even if you have the best strategies, there's no way to get them noticed unless they know about you and your track record first.

So how do you get your name out there? One way is by marketing yourself directly to homeowners as a real estate agent. In this article, we'll discuss how this works and what makes it effective for both sides of the equation!

Discover Who You Will be Marketing to

Get laser-focused on your target audience

The first step to marketing to homeowners for real estate agents is defining the problem you’re trying to solve. You need a clear understanding of who your ideal listing clients are, what they want and how you can solve their problems.

Getting clear will help guide you through the rest of this process, as well as help with content creation later on down the line (more on that later).

Set goals before starting on a solution

Setting goals—even small ones—will give purpose and direction when most people are feeling lost and confused about what they should be doing next in their business or personal lives.

A common mistake I see agents make is focusing on the wrong goal. Although having a goal for the number of listings you sign will help narrow down the marketing output required, I recommend focusing on the things in your control, first.

For example, you would want to change this goal to focus on output... ie number of email subscribers added.

Define what problems you can solve for the prospective client

Your marketing should address the prospective client's problems and how you can solve them.

For example, let's say you are marketing to FSBO listings.

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One agent may send a mailer to a for sale by owner listing that says "hire me as your agent".

Another agent may send a packet of information. This packet includes information to help them sell their house on their own... Such as a photographer's information, contractor's information, all of the state contracts they may need, and advice on where to advertise.

This packet may also include information on how you can help. Understanding FSBO pain points, one may include how you market the home, negotiation, manage vendors, etc.

As you can see this makes a huge difference and I'm sure you can guess who the FSBO will hire to represent them.

Create relevant content for all of your real estate marketing channels

When you're creating content for your online and social media channels, it's important to keep in mind that different audiences will have different interests.

Personally, I believe taking a broad approach is the right way to go.

For social media, content can include anything from you out and about, showing homes to a post on your favorite local weekend activity.

For your agent website, your content will also include a wide range of content. This can include articles for FSBO listings on how to market their home and content for first-time homebuyers on what to expect for the inspection report.

Keep in mind, SEO will be a big focus for your agent website so it's very important to include a wide range of content.

Find the best real estate marketing tools for success

Real estate agents need to be able to market their services in order to stay competitive. The best way to do this is through the use of tools that set real estate agents up for success. Here are the tools I use that can help you track leads, send email marketing campaigns, find new customers and grow your business.

Leverage organic real estate marketing ideas to spark referrals

  • Use social media to share your content, like your blog and website.
  • Include a direct call to action in all of your marketing materials, including emails and prospecting letters. Make sure it’s clear what people need to do next if they want more information about your services. For example: "Click here for more information about this house." Or: "Download our free eBook now!"
  • Create an online email newsletter that offers updates from the real estate market in your area (and includes any relevant links). It can be published once per week or monthly depending on how often there are new homes coming up for sale in the community where you live or work! You'll also have access to thousands of subscribers who will likely trust what they see when reading through their inboxes every day - which means more referrals too!
  • If possible start building relationships with local associations as well as other professionals within those groups like attorneys who specialize in homeowner finance options such as refinancing loans etc...

Real Estate Pop By

A pop by in real estate is where you put together goodie bags that are a specific theme for the month or an upcoming holiday. You can choose to do pop bys monthly or only for Holidays.

Real estate pop bys are a great way to stay in touch with your sphere while also always being top of mind as their go to agent.

Where to get homeowner information?

Most MLS software has the ability to obtain tax record data. This information can be exported, making it easy to add it to a marketing channel.

Another option is using a service, like Batch Leads. Personally, I use batch leads as the data is updated daily, allowing you to remove any homes that are listed on the market or mailing address changes.

Additionally, this allows me to keep track of who I have sent a marketing piece to and who I haven't.