Introducing: The Number One Strategy To Get More Listings In 2023

This strategy will show you how I find a new listing client every time I work with a buyer.

Initially, you may think I am going to talk about listing your buyer's current home. Truthfully, those situations very rarely come across my desk and this post will be talking about a completely different approach.

This strategy is a win for all parties and you will be viewed as an absolute rockstar agent throughout.

Using this method will:

  1. Show your clients you are doing everything in your power to find THE home for them.
  2. Find them a property quickly and get you paid sooner!
  3. Find listing clients in the process

Now, it's important to note I will still use this method even if my buyers are a few months out or if there are active homes that meet their criteria. As this method further reinstates that you will go above and beyond what most agents will do.

What does this process look like?

It's actually quite simple. You find homes, not listed on the MLS, that match the criteria your buyer is looking for. From there, you reach out to the homeowner to see if they would be interested in selling.

At the end, I will walk you through how you will gain listings from this method.

How Can I Find Properties that match my buyer's criteria?

My MLS has an app called "CRS Tax Data" where you are able to input the criteria and also the export the list of home. Most MLS platforms should offer something similar and will most likely be labeled with some form of "tax records".

If your MLS does not support these capabilities, you can use a data provider. Personally, I use batch leads for all my data as it makes it very easy for me to store all of my data while it updates automatically as properties get listed and sold.

While not necessary, Batch Leads allows for further filters to find sellers who are more likely to sell. Some examples include vacant properties, inherited properties, and tired landlords.

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In addition to your buyers criteria, what are the other filters you should add?

We want to ensure that we are marketing to owners that are most likely to sell. We cant find sellers who will 100% sell but adding these 2 additional filters will help narrow it down towards those that are definitely more likely to sell.

  • Absentee owner
  • 6+ years ownership
  • Owner type: Person (this will filter out the LLC's and company owners)

What is the best way to reach out to these homeowners?

There are 2 methods that I use to contact the homeowners... Sending a letter and calling.

Personally, I prefer to send them a letter as I feel like I can really articulate their story within the letter. Some buyers even want to include a photo, which I think is a great idea.

If you are sending a letter, I highly recommend handwriting the envelope. Otherwise any personal touch within the letter will be negated by an envelope with a printed address.

Sending a letter

Sending a letter will take a bit longer to receive an answer but the advantage is you can include a story. With the buyer's permission, have the letter include information about the family and the reasoning behind the home search.

Here are some ideas of what you can include within the letter:

  • Did they just move to the area or is this their first home?
  • Do they have kids?
  • What is their occupation?
  • Have they been making offers and are ready to buy?

Including their story changes the dynamic of the letter completely as now it's personified.

Cold calling

The alternative to sending the letters is calling the homeowners. Making calls is a very efficient way to get a quick answer from them. Like the letter, talk about their story and why you're reaching out

You're not reaching out to find the buyer a home, you're reaching out to find Jack, Jill, and their 2 sons (aged 7 & 13) find a home that's in the school district they want.

How do you find the homeowner's number?

To find the number of the homeowner, you will run their address through a process called skip tracing.

When you skip trace their address, you will get a few numbers that are associated with the property.

It's important  to ensure the owner's phone number is not listed on the Do Not Call Registry. Some services, like Batch Skip Tracing, will automatically filter these numbers out so you won't have to worry.

At the Same Time, You are also prospecting for Listings

You may be looking for a new home for your buyer clients but you are also prospecting for listing clients...

Here is the best thing about this strategy... Even if the home is not the one for your buyers, you know the homeowner wants to sell. Additionally, you have already built credibility by showing them you have buyers and even brought one to them.

You have yourself a new listing.

Personally, I cant think of another strategy that gains you new clients while also making you look like a total rockstar in your buyer clients eyes.

Is this a good technique for new real estate agents to get clients?

The most popular question I am asked is "How to get clients as a new real estate agent".

If I had to start everything over again, with no book of business, this is the exact technique I would use to get clients.

As a new agent, you will find it much easier to find buyer clients than listing clients. Additionally, the best way to resolve concerns about you being a new agent is to show them you can get the job done.

This method shows both the buyers and sellers that you are putting in the effort needed to have a successful real estate business.