Investor Carrot Website Templates

If you're a real estate investor or agent, im sure you have heard of Investor Carrot. Carrot provides websites that are ready to convert motivated sellers for both investors & Agents.

Investor Carrot provides multiple website templates to choose from, all of which are ready to perform out of the box.

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Carrot Real Estate Investor Websites and real estate agent websites help grow your leads. See how Carrot members generate 40,000+ leads per month…

Does Carrot use WordPress?

Yes, Carrot does use WordPress for its backend. This makes Investor Carrot extremely easy to navigate and edit your site content.

Here are a few different Investor Carrot website templates you can choose from:

Theme #1: Mahagony

The newest website template Carrot has published is called Mahagony. This template definitely stands out with its clean, modern lines, big, bold, easy-to-read text, and space to emphasize the content on your site.

Using the Carrot Mahagony template can give your investing or agent brand a clean, modern look while creating a professional look from the minute you land on the site.

Investor carrot website template

Theme #2: Aspen

The investor carrot template Aspen is clean, fast (like all of the carrot designs), beautiful on mobile, and gives you even more style and polish in the body content of your website. This new design is built from the ground up to sync with our Visual Editor to make editing your site as easy and fast as possible.

investor carrot website examples

Template #3: Hemlock

Like the other 2 designs, Hemlock provides a clean minimalistic look. The hero image on the Hemlock design is my favorite. With its slanted design, it attracts the eye, without making your navigation bar cluttered and hard to find.

Here is an example of a cash home buyer using the Hemlock theme.

investor carrot website ideas

How to Change a Site Theme in Investor Carrot

Changing a theme in investor carrot is extremely easy and can be done within a matter of seconds. The best part is everything transfers from one design to the next... This includes photos, custom scripts, etc.

investor carrot website examples

What's Included in Investor Carrot Website Templates?

Carrot websites are designed to convert visitors into leads. Conversion is built into every website you build on the Carrot platform, along with tools & resources that help you implement smart online marketing strategies—and track their performance.

If you are serious about your online marketing and tracking your ROI, then Carrot’s platform makes it easy to launch a site, drive traffic—and close deals. With the ability to track where leads are coming from AND which pages convert best.

Content Marketing Made Easy

SEO is all about content marketing, and one way to do this well is by making sure you target your website's content at the keywords people use when searching for services like investment properties or sell my house fast.

You can schedule content for your Carrot website. They have monthly packs of articles, which you can customize to suit your business and market. With a few clicks, you'll be able to automatically post new blog posts every day in the next month!

Social Sharing

Carrot has built-in sharing buttons on every page and blog post in your account. Simply click the share button, type a few words about the content, and then hit enter to publish it on Facebook or Twitter. This is a great way to promote new posts as well as landing pages!

Carrot SEO

Carrot site templates have the best SEO out of the box for real estate investor and agent sites. Google ranks SEO on a variety of factors, all of which Carrot is optimized for. Some of Carrot SEO features include:

  • Optimized For Mobile
  • Fast load times
  • Interlinking
  • Pre-written site content
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Carrot Websites help You run a more Profitable Real Estate Business. Our platform has powerful tools & features help you close hundreds of deals a year.

Carrot SEO Tool

real estate carrot seo
Carrot SEO Tool Example

Carrot sites also come with a built-in SEO tool to ensure you are optimizing your site for best SEO practices. This tool will allow you to

Snippet Preview: This preview shows how your website page will appear in Google or other search engine results.

Focus Keyword: Quickly analyze if your site content is optimized for the keyword you want to rank for. If not, it will make suggestions on where you need to make the changes

SEO Title: Allows you to change and see the title that a user sees when looking at the search results on Google.

Meta Description: Adjust the content that goes below the URL in search engine results.