Everything You Need To Know: Carrot For Real Estate Agents

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What is a Carrot Agent Website?

Carrot.com is a lead generation website with built-in IDX for real estate agents. Carrot offers an out-of-the-box solution for generating more organic leads through SEO that will allow you to be discovered by motivated sellers.

Who Is Agent Carrot For?

A Carrot agent website is the perfect real estate agent site for both new and experienced agents. For those looking for an IDX site and to generate more organic leads, Carrot is perfect for you. Now, I recommend embarking on the online lead generation side when you are committed for the long term.

It can take a few months before you start to see results and it's important to not give up too quickly.  That said, Carrot provides all of the training you need to start ranking on the first page of google, quickly.

How is Carrot Different From Other Lead Generation Sites?

Carrot Content Marketing Tools

SEO is really all about content marketing. As an agent, you want to rank well in Google and other search engines for keywords like "buy a house in {city}", "sell my house in {city}", and "Best real estate agent in {city}".

For example, "sell my house in {city}", will present your site in front of property owners who want to sell their home in your city... provided your website is SEO friendly.

Carrot has content packs that are updated monthly and can be customized to your market and real estate business. Additionally, you can schedule your entire monthly content with a few clicks.

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Here are some advantages that come with the Carrot (built-in) content tools:

  • Use Carrot’s SEO tool to ensure each page is optimized for a targeted keyword.
  • Weekly Mastermind Calls (Content Pro members) where we help with strategy, SEO, and diagnosis websites to improve their effectiveness
  • Implement their Loopnet strategy to make city-specific landing pages. Carrot even has a quick way to insert city/state info into your content.
  • Quickly design and launch a landing page with specialized content for SEO and PPC campaigns.
Top Real Estate Lead Generation System - Carrot Website Features
Carrot Websites help You run a more Profitable Real Estate Business. Our platform has powerful tools & features help you close hundreds of deals a year.

Data For Your Agent Carrot Site

Easily see how your traffic generation strategy is working.

One of the most difficult things with online marketing is knowing what is working and what is not.

IDX site for agents

Every Carrot website comes with built-in Analytics so you can see which pages are most viewed, where visitors are coming from, and where they are opting in. You can take that new-found knowledge and promote the right pages on the right platform.

Additional Carrot Site Features

  • Built to rank in organic Google search results
  • Optimized for all devices — desktop, mobile, and tablet
  • Uses industry-leading best practices to convert more leads
carrot idx agent website for leads
  • Loads fast so visitors can navigate the site quickly
  • Builds online authority with easy, automated blogs
  • Supports unlimited location and landing pages so you can stand out from the competition in any niche
  • Provides training and support from our team of product and real estate experts

Agent Carrot Reviews

Having a few agent Carrot sites myself, I have nothing but great things to say. Now, it's important to note that it may take 2 -5 months before you start receiving organic leads to your website.

For the agents who want leads immediately, Carrot isn't for you. Now, if you are understanding that It can take a few months and willing to put some effort into your site, I recommend looking into Carrot a bit further.

Here is a review of Carrot from Jessica Wilkinson:

You can learn more about investor and agent carrot reviews during the (free) workshop for evergreen marketing. If nothing else, you will walk away with a pretty solid marketing plan!

Free Live Evergreen Workshop | Carrot
How to Get More Motivated Prospects (with no paid ads) Using 1 Proven, Simple Marketing Strategy

How Much Does Carrot Cost?

There are 2 pricing plans for real estate agent carrot. The first option, Content Pro, is $99 per month. The second option, Advanced Marketer, is $199 per month. Now, there are discounts available if you pay for the year.

Here is a breakdown of the differences in the carrot Content Pro and Advanced Marketer plans:

real estate carrot cost

Carrot.com Real Estate Templates

Here are 1o site examples of real estate agents who are successful using Carrot. These sites will also give you a good idea of what carrot.com templates look like as It appears these agents simply added their own colors and logo, not changing much of the template design.

10 Carrot Website Examples - Both Stunning and Effective | Carrot
Do You Want a Website That’s Both Stunning and Effective? Here are 10 Beautiful Carrot Website Examples for Inspiration!

How to Optimize Your Carrot Site For Lead Generation

While the site itself is fully optimized for SEO, you still want to optimize the content itself for a high conversation rate. Here are some examples of the content you will want to optimize:

Local Photos

Swap out the images that come on the site with photos of where you sell real estate. When viewing a website, most people simply scan the site without reading much of the text. Your text could talk all about the city but it's important to also build a "local feel" through photos.

You can upload photos you have on your phone or utilize canva for local photos. Personally, I went the Canva route as they look much more professional and a Canva membership is only $12/mo.

Optimize The How it Works Page

Your carrot site will come with a pre-built "How It Works" page. I recommend adding some additional information such as:

  • Do you offer zoom calls for out-of-state buyers
  • What should sellers expect during a listing appointment
  • What happens when a buyer goes under contract

This will make the process much more understandable while also building credibility by outlining the exact processes you operate on.

Adding Testimonials to Your Agent Site

Having testimonials on your website builds instant credibility, significantly increasing the number of online leads you receive. Additionally, this is a great place to put all of your reviews from your Google Business Profile, Social Media, and other online real estate profiles.

How to Create Effective Real Estate Testimonials: A Guide to Building Authority
Effective real estate testimonials establish credibility, authority, and more meaningful conversions. Use our guide & examples to optimize your testimonials.

Let's say you generate a lead from an open house and they have not seen your website. You can now send them to your site to see all of your reviews in one spot while also building credibility through other means.

The About Us Page

Arguably the most important page, "About Us". This is your chance to build rapport before they decide to reach out, or not. On this page, I recommend keeping it strictly personal. Include information such as:

  • Family Photos
  • Your Background
  • What you love about the city
  • How do you spend your free time
9 Real Estate Agent Bio Templates | Carrot
A great real estate agent bio sums up who you are and your value proposition—telling buyers and sellers why they should want to work with you.

Adding this information allows prospects to know you, on a personal level, allowing for a deeper connection before they even speak with you.  

Link Carrot Real Estate Post to Facebook & Other Agent Profiles

One of the great features of carrot is the ability to distribute the content on your carrot site to other platforms, like Facebook. You can easily plan 6 months' worth of social media content by simply linking your posts on Carrot to other platforms. How to Link Carrot Real Estate Post to Facebook:

Step One: Copy Link From Carrot Post

Head over to your carrot site and open the post you want to distribute on Facebook. Click on the link, right-click, and select "copy".

Step Two: Go to Your Real Estate Agent Page

Head over to the Facebook business manager for your real estate agent page. Once that is opened, you will see "create post" in the middle of your screen.

link carrot post to real estate facebook

Step Three: Create a Post and Insert the link to the Carrot post

Once you have clicked on "create post", you will see the post details box where you can enter the text you want to add to your post. At the bottom of the box, you will see a button that looks like a link. Click on that and post the link to your carrot post!

publish post from real estate carrot to facebook

Learn More About Carrot Real Estate Lead Generation

If you're ready to get started or want to learn more about generating more organic leads, I highly recommend checking out their free Evergreen Marketing workshop. You will learn more about how a Carrot site will significantly improve your real estate business and how they will walk you through every step... It won't disappoint!

Free Live Evergreen Workshop | Carrot
How to Get More Motivated Prospects (with no paid ads) Using 1 Proven, Simple Marketing Strategy