6 Real Estate Lead Generation Websites You Need to Know

A real estate lead generation website is a website that is set up specifically for attracting and converting prospective buyers and sellers. You want to offer your real estate services that are so appealing they become customers. But to do this successfully, you will need to generate leads. Your products and services may be great, but they are not great enough to tempt people on their own. You will need a strong lead generation strategy to convert an audience into active consumers.

As a real estate agent, it is particularly important you have good lead generation strategies. The days of door-knocking are over. You need to harness the power of social media and online platforms. Cold calling, networking within your community, and geographical farming, are still relevant. But, they need to be used alongside SEO techniques, social media, blogs, videos, and online chats to nurture leads. Modern technology has well and truly infiltrated the real estate world. It’s time to catch up! But first, let’s cover exactly what real estate lead generation entails.

There are two ways a real estate agent can generate leads: inbound and outbound.

Inbound marketing creates valuable content that is tailored to the customer’s desires and experiences. Inbound marketing is the most popular digital marketing methodology. Inbound marketing includes content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and advertising. Inbound marketing is so powerful because it tells an audience exactly why they should engage with (and ultimately buy from) your brand.

Inbound marketing doesn’t refine itself to a preexisting customer base. Instead, it appeals to people who are not yet customers. They become customers through inbound marketing tactics that make them deeply interested and invested in a business. For real estate agents, this is the people in your community who are looking to buy, sell, or lease a property. These are the people that you would have no connection to without inbound marketing. You need to make content that aligns with the needs of these people and inspires a long term relationship with them. This is at the heart of inbound marketing.

On the other hand, outbound marketing is more traditional marketing. Outbound marketing engages with pre-existing customers. This occurs through direct sales and engagement like telemarketing, email marketing, physical advertisements, and event marketing. Promotion, public relations, sales, and advertisements, are all key tenets of outbound marketing.

A successful marketing strategy includes both outbound and inbound marketing strategies. However, lead generation only applies to inbound marketing. Lead generation is the generation of customer interest. It is when a prospective client clicks on an ad, comments on a social media post, or contacts you directly after engaging with an inbound marketing campaign. Lead generation is the process of converting a viewer into a consumer.

Without further ado, these are the best real estate lead generation websites. Read on to find out more!

Carrot Real Estate Lead Generation Website

Carrot is one of the best online platforms for real estate lead generation. Carrot was born through a couple of investors spotting a gap in the market. They wanted to “leverage technology to help us do things easier, more quickly, and get better results.” Carrot’s first real estate website was created in 2003. This website immediately developed significant seller leads online. Since then, Carrot has brought in over 1,253,267 real estate related leads. They truly are the experts in the field! If you’re looking for one place to develop your lead generation strategy, Carrot is the place to go!

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Carrot Real Estate Investor Websites and real estate agent websites help grow your leads. See how Carrot members generate 40,000+ leads per month…

So, what exactly does Carrot do? Carrot is a Lead Generation Hub that attracts and converts motivated seller leads. In turn, this helps to close more deals and make more money! Carrot reports that its leads are 68.9% faster and generate 2.5x higher profits than non-Carrot leads. Carrot helps real estate agents make high-converting websites

that are “built to perform”. Members generate 60,000 motivated buyer and seller leads a month. Carrot websites have the highest search engine rankings which result in more traffic. The result is more seller listings and higher profits.

Carrot sites are built to be search engine friendly. They are guaranteed to pop up on more search engines than their competitors. These SEO sites can capture and convert inbound leads. Carrot offers real estate agents an invaluable website structure that actively appeals to more customers. In addition to Carrot’s Lead Generation Hub, it also offers resources for real estate agent marketing strategies. Carrot is a one-stop shop for all your inbound marketing needs.

BatchLeads For Real Estate Lead Generation

BatchLeads has an advanced search, interactive map, and list manager that enables you to take lead generation to the next level. Filter by hundreds of data points to hone in on your ideal customer.

BatchLeads has a built-in List Manager to help you identify and organize all of your properties, contacts, and marketing efforts. Additionally, you can design and deliver personalized postcards and letters, targeted to specific household types, demographic profiles, and proximity to specific locations.

Also offering a 7 Day Trial AND 5,000 property records, for free, it could make sense to check it out!

Market Leader

Market Leader describes itself as a “pioneer in lead generation, custom websites, CRM, and marketing software”. Market Lead provides marketing solutions for real estate professionals and to the real estate industry. They are experts in generating powerful leads within your local community. Market Leader consistently receives testimonials like this; “Market Leader has been a great source of leads for me and I have been able to connect with more sellers than ever before."

Market Leader is so good at its job because it is exclusive, guaranteed quality, and can target your local area. Experts from Market Leader work directly with you. This saves you time and effort. Leads are generated for you by experts that understand your area and the clients that you want to work with. You don’t have to raise a finger! Market Leader does the brunt work while you can focus on what is important. It’s a dream set-up. You can watch powerful local leads stream in without moving an inch. Market Leader is a trusted, reputable lead generation site we would personally recommend

Property Base

Property Base is the leading end-to-end real estate software platform. It markets itself as “ideal for agents, teams, and brokerages looking to increase their productivity”. Property Base offers the most “comprehensive” suite of tools for marketing and lead generation. Property Base streamlines the everyday lives of real estate agents. The software gives you the tools to automate time consuming tasks, reach more customers, and develop your business.

Property Base is particularly good for real estate agents who are looking to kill two birds with one stone. If you want to find multifaceted software that can do a number of things, then Property Base is perfect for you. It’ll generate strong lines, manage customer relationships, and control your back office, amongst other things. It is a miracle worker for busy real estate agents!


RedX is an incredible platform that connects real estate agents with homeowners who are actively looking to sell. RedX offers 3 easy to use, accessible software packages for purchase. First, you’ll need to purchase a lead generation package. These vary in price depending on what you’re looking to achieve. Whether you want to engage with expired leads, target prospective homeowners, get in contact with highly motivated sellers, or liaise with renters, RedX has you covered.

Secondly, RedX encourages you to purchase resources that make your leads more manageable. These include filtering features, new inventory, reminders, and built in scripts. Finally, RedX offers real estate agents the option to purchase a “power dialer”. The “power dialer” helps you to make more appointments and sell more houses by automating the cold calling process. These 3 packages help you generate leads, manage leads, and make more listing appointments. It may just change your life!

Bold Leads

Bold Leads has helped agents all over the world generate 1.2 million buyer and seller leads. Bold Leads create powerful leads, provide easy to use marketing tools, and guarantee exceptional conversion rates. The best part is Bold Leads do everything for you! They set all of these amazing tools up and give you all the resources to succeed. Bold Leads prides itself on creating a close knit community of support and success. But don’t just take their word for it! Bold Leads has received amazing testimonials from thousands of real estate agents! Bold Leads will delight you and your customers!

There you have it! Those were the best real estate lead generation websites. We hope this has been helpful!