Real Estate License New York

Here is Everything Your Complete Guide on How To Get Your Real Estate License New York

Real Estate License New York Requirements

New York requires all Real Estate License applicants to meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • No prior felony or sex offense convictions

Step 1: Take New York Real Estate 75 Hour Pre-licensing Education

Prior to taking the New York Real Estate Exam, you are required to take a 75 hour salesperson pre-licensing course. This salesperson course will teach you all about the laws and best practices for New York real estate.

Step 2: Pass The New York Pre-Licensing Course Exit Exam

Once you finish the 75 hours of pre-licensing, you will have to take the course final exam. The minimum score to pass is 70%.

Once you pass the exam, you have 8 years to obtain a real estate license or it will expire and you will be required to retake it.

The course final exam is required to be taken in the presence of a proctor and yo will be required to schedule an appointment in advance.

Here is where you can learn more about the New York proctoring.

Step 3: Take the New York Real Estate Exam Prep

Although not a requirement to become licensed in the state of New York, I highly recommend doing some exam prep.

Taking a practice exam will allow you to become familiar with the style of questioning on the exam and also provide insight into some areas you may need to brush up on prior to sitting for your exam. Click on the button below to see exam prep options.

Step 4: Take The New York State Real Estate Salesperson Exam

You will be given 1.5 hours to complete the New York state salesperson exam. The exam has multiple choice style questions.

The New York real estate exam will cost students $15. Please note there are additional costs associated with licensing.

Step 5: Select a New York Brokerage or Team To Work With

To have an active New York real estate license, you must be sponsored by an active Broker in New York.

If you want to learn more about selecting a company to work with, read the article I wrote about real estate job interviews.

Step 6: Complete The New York State Real Estate License Application

Once you pass the New York salesperson exam and have found a sponsoring broker, you will want to complete your NY salesperson application.

The real estate salesperson application will need to be submitted on the eAccessNY site.

Take New York Real Estate Pre-Licensing Online

If you prefer to take your real estate classes online or want to try it out, you can get 5 days free (no credit card required).

You can learn more about online options for getting your New York real estate by clicking the button below.

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New York Pre-Licensing Education

New York Real Estate Agent Continuing Education

Every two years, New York Real Estate Agents are required to take 22.5 hours of Continuing Education (CE).

These 22.5 Hours consist of:

  • 3 hours of fair housing and diversity
  • 2.5 hours of ¬†ethical business practice
  • 2 ¬†hours of agency
  • 1 hour of legal matters
  • 14 elective hours

Luckily, real estate agents in New York may take their 22.5 hours of salesperson continuing education online.

Common Questions about Real Estate License In New York

Is the exam for New York real estate hard?

The majority of students succeed on their New York real estate license exam, but passing isn't always a given. Up to 25% of students in some states need to retake the exam in order to pass. Most people who were contacted following the test did not think it was "simple."

To increase the chances of you passing, I highly recommend looking into New York exam prep or quiz.

New York Real Estate License Test Locations

The New York real estate license test must be taken at a PSI location. Here is where you can find all of the PSI locations in New York state.

Real Estate License New York Course

Here are some options for online New York Real Estate license courses.