Real Estate Agent Marketing Automation

With multiple plates spinning at any given time, implementing automation tools will give you your time back to focus on your clients.

When it comes to agent branding, there are many real estate marketing activities that can be automated. Not only does this give you more time but it also ensures you have a consistent marketing plan running in the background.

Within this guide, I will walk you through use cases of marketing automation and tools that will help you generate more leads this year.

Benefits of Automating Your Real Estate Marketing

Over time, you start to gain more and more tasks in your real estate business that you must keep up with. For someone who enjoys meeting with clients, the build-up of these tasks starts to take away any enjoyment you once had for real estate.

Automating your marketing not only allows you to do more of what you enjoy but also to have a very successful year. No longer spending much time on marketing, you can spend more time following up with past clients, expanding your SOI, and other ways to close more deals.

5 Real Estate Marketing Automation Examples

We all know that marketing automation can help to streamline and automate certain tasks, making our lives easier. But what are some specific ways that marketing automation can help us this year?

Automated Email Marketing For Real Estate

With email marketing automation, you can set up automatic email drip campaigns that will send out a series of emails to your contacts over time. This can help you stay in touch with your leads and customers without having to manually send out each email yourself.

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Many lead generation marketing tools on the market can automatically send personalized voice messages, text messages, and email campaigns to potential customers. Automation software systems like MooSend, for example, have pre-installed email workflows that make it easy for anyone to schedule relevant messages for different segments of potential customers.

Sending Messages & Connection Requests on Linkedin

Linkedin is a great platform to grow your sphere of influence and local connection. With growing any social media following, it requires time and attention every day. Adding further daily responsibilities is what we are trying to avoid by automating our marketing.

Tools, like PhantomBuster, allow you to automate the connection request and send custom messages. There are multiple ways to leverage this such as:

  1. Send messages to vendors you would like to partner with
  2. Send messages to your current connections to re-connect
  3. Add connections of people who went to your college and live in your town
  4. Message those who commented on one of your posts

The opportunities are endless and only require you to step in when someone responds to one of your messages.

Automate Real Estate Direct Mail Campaigns

Real estate marketing with new automated direct mail tools, personalizing your direct mail, and tracking responses to your campaigns after they've been sent has never been easier and more convenient. Direct mail can be used for marketing open houses, sending to your sphere of influence, letters to your geographical farm, or just marketing in general.

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Using a service, like batchLeads, will allow you to create and automate a direct mail campaign. You can easily find new prospects or upload a list of your own to send mail to.

Social Media Automation For Real Estate

There are plenty of ways to set up automated social media marketing. You will want to first discover where the content will be coming from.

  • Your agent website?
  • Creative you personally make?
  • Content sourced from a different site?

From here, you can determine the correct tools needed to have it automated. For example, content from your agent website can be automatically shared on your social profiles using carrot. The content you create can be scheduled using Canva.

Regardless of your content sourcing, there is certainly a way you can have it automated.

Real Estate Marketing Automation Software

In addition to the tools listed above, the following tools make great additions. Also aiding in connecting platforms together, you can further automate your marketing processes.


Zapier connects 2 or more platforms together, transferring information. For example, let's you want to start posting on Linkedin but don't have the bandwidth to manage another social media account.

How to automate real estate marketing

You could use Zapier to connect your agent social media account to your LinkedIn profile. From here, you could set it up to where every time you post on one of your platforms, it also posts to LinkedIn.


When it comes to automating your marketing, there are a few different use cases for airtable. Personally, I use airtable to track my marketing campaigns and to add leads to my CRM when they submit an online inquiry. Airtable allows for multiple integrations to be built within your bases. Additionally, airtable is a great resource for managing your content... The best part is it's free!

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Carrot provides content automation for your real estate website. With a few clicks, you can schedule out your website content, months in advance. Carrot will automatically add your company, city, and contact information to each post.

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Carrot also allows for automated posting on your social media profiles. When the posts go live, they will also be posted on your social media account(s).


While Fiverr is not a tech tool per se, it can help you automate a significant portion of your marketing efforts. Fiverr allows you to find, hire, and manage virtual assistants. I personally rely on Fiverr for multiple different projects such as listing presentations, cold calling, writing, etc.

Tips for using a marketing automation system effectively

If you're thinking of using a marketing automation system for your real estate business, here are some tips to help you get the most out of it:

Define your goals and target audience

What do you want to achieve with your marketing automation, and who do you want to target? From there, you will be able to narrow down a few platforms where your marketing will take place. This will save you time (and money) by helping you choose the right system and set it up in the most effective way.

Test, test, test

Once you've set up your marketing automation system, it's important to test it to make sure it's working as it should. Try sending out a few test emails and see how they look. Make sure to double check the merge tags as you want the emails to address the person's name not, {name}... Doesn't look all that great.

Monitor your results

Keep an eye on your open and clickthrough rates to see how effective your marketing automation is. If you're not seeing the results you want, make changes to your system and keep testing. Like everything else, this can be automated.


There are multiple opportunities to start automating your real estate marketing and I recommend starting with the most time-consuming one first. From there, you can slowly add additional marketing automation. Eventually, 100% of your real estate marketing will be automated... Bringing you consistent leads.