Tech Tools For Real Estate Agents

Are you a tech savvy real estate agent? Are you looking to modernize your office? Do you want the best tools to take your business to the next level? Whatever you’re looking for, these tools will make your professional life easier and more productive. Soon enough, you’ll never look back! Read on to find out the best tools for real estate agents!


Carrot is one of the best online platforms for real estate lead generation. Carrot was born through a couple of investors spotting a gap in the market. They wanted to “leverage technology to help us do things easier, more quickly, and get better results.” Carrot’s first real estate website was created in 2003. This website immediately developed significant seller leads online. Since then, Carrot has brought in over 1,253,267 real estate related leads. They truly are the experts in the field! If you’re looking for one place to develop your lead generation strategy, Carrot is the place to go!

So, what exactly does Carrot do? Carrot is a Lead Generation Hub that attracts and converts motivated seller leads. In turn, this helps to close more deals and make more money! Carrot reports that its leads are 68.9% faster and generate 2.5x higher profits than non-Carrot leads. Carrot helps real estate agents make high-converting websites that are “built to perform”. Members generate 60,000 motivated buyer and seller leads a month. Carrot websites have the highest search engine rankings which result in more traffic. The result is more seller listings and higher profits.

Lead generation is super important for real estate agents! Lead generation is a product of a successful inbound marketing strategy. inbound marketing creates valuable content that is tailored to the customer’s desires and experiences. Inbound marketing is the most popular digital marketing methodology. Inbound marketing includes content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and advertising. Inbound marketing is so powerful because it tells an audience exactly why they should engage with (and ultimately buy from) your brand. Lead generation is the generation of customer interest. It is when a prospective client clicks on an ad, comments on a social media post, or contacts you directly after engaging with an inbound marketing campaign. Lead generation is the process of converting a viewer into a consumer.

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It all sounds pretty jargon-heavy and overly complicated, right?! This is why Carrot is so good at what it does. You get all the benefits of powerful lead generation, without the stress of doing it yourself. Sit back and relax while you see the leads streaming in. One of the reasons Carrot is so good at what it does is because its sites are built to be search engine friendly. They are guaranteed to pop up on more search engines than their competitors. These SEO sites can capture and convert inbound leads. Carrot offers real estate agents an invaluable website structure that actively appeals to more customers. In addition to Carrot’s Lead Generation Hub, it also offers resources for real estate agent marketing strategies. Carrot is a one stop shop for all your inbound marketing needs.


Fiverr is the mecca of freelance talent! Fiverr is a global, online marketplace for buyers and sellers. Some of the services you can purchase on Fiverr include; article writing, illustration, graphic design, web programming, social media marketing, it goes on and on Basically, any odd job you can think of (that you don’t want to do yourself!) can be found on Fiverr. It’s a total Godsend for people who have a dynamic and fast-paced profession (just like you!). Sellers on Fiverr sell their services as a “Gig”. The “Gig” is purchased by buyers at a set price decided by the seller. In the listed price, the seller includes the services, any revisions, and the timeframe. Once the product has been delivered the buyer can choose to accept or decline the order. If declined, the seller has a responsibility (as per the product description) to revise the product until the buyer is satisfied. Buyer security is what makes Fiverr so great for professionals. There are no scammy orders or financial risks involved. You pay upfront but you can sleep easy knowing you have control over the order.

Fiverr is an Israeli startup first launched in 2010. Fiverr was one of the first digital marketplaces that connected remote workers with buyers. Upwork is Fiverr’s biggest competition. The main difference between the two platforms is that Upwork is designed for long lasting contracts and enduring professional relationships. Whereas Fiverr offers one

off products. Similarly, Upwork is far more collaborative and competitive. Freelancers compete for jobs on Upwork through “bids”. On Fiverr, the buyer approaches the seller. Freelancers know exactly what they’re offering and buyers know exactly what they want to purchase. It is this clarity, ease of use, and intuitive features which make Fiverr so great.

So, what could you use Fiverr for? Well, the list honestly is endless. You can find a copywriter to write all the information on your website. You could also find a graphic designer to design a new logo or website. Or, you could purchase services from a social media manager to manage your online presence. There are also more niche services. You could find a freelancer to set up google ad conversion or monitor analytics. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your workload you could hire a virtual assistant on Fiverr. Or, if you want to jazz up your advertisements you could purchase a voice over or a singer/songwriter. Instead of doing tasks yourself or delegating something to an inexperienced team member, purchase the services on Fiverr. You won’t look back! Soon enough, you’ll find Fiverr becomes your default for bits and pieces that need to be done. Fiverr is a great tool to have in your back pocket. Sometimes the best way to maximize your productivity is to get help! Trust us, it’s worth the investment. Fiverr is free to join and there are no membership fees. Simply find your perfect freelancer and they’ll do the rest!


Canva is the best tool for graphic design. If you’re on a budget or you want to upskill yourself, Canva is the best place to go! Canva is an Australian startup founded in 2013. In its first year, Canva already had 750,000 active users. This is a testament to how useful and important Canva’s services are. Essentially, it is an online platform designed to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents, and other visual content. Yes, it sounds a tad intimidating. But fear not, Canva is incredibly easy to use! You don’t need to design anything from scratch. Instead, Canva offers templates that other people have created. All you need to do is delete and change the premade photos and text to your own. It really is that easy! You don’t need the same skills used for Photoshop or Adobe Design. Canva is the best graphic design tool available to you.

Canva Pro - An Online Graphic Design Tool: Try Canva Pro Free
Canva Pro is an online graphic design app trusted by over 200,000 companies worldwide. You’ll have access to thousands of beautiful design templates, our easy drag-and-drop software, Brand Kit, Magic Resize Tool, and Unlimited Storage. Start your free Canva Pro trial or use Canva for free.

Canva is one of the best tools for real estate agents. Canva templates can be used for “house for sale” advertisements, Youtube thumbnails, a trifold brochure for your clients, or “just sold” pamphlets. Search “real estate” into the Canva search bar and specially designed templates will pop up for you to use. These were made specifically for real estate agents like you. From here, change the photos and upload your own text. You can change the font and colour palate to suit your website and brand aesthetic. Finally, download the image or PDF onto your computer. Canva is designed for people who aren’t experts in graphic design. People want a streamlined, quick process that is as stress free as possible. Canva really has hit the nail on the head with its services. You could be completely technologically incompetent and still be able to create professional, beautiful content on Canva. Canva offers a free trial for the first month and then it asks for a reasonable membership fee. If you’re using Canva on a weekly basis, it’ll be worth every penny.


Moosend is an email marketing software for “thriving businesses”. Moosend helps you create, send, and automate your email marketing campaigns. Moosend is a multifaceted software platform that organizes all of your marketing emails. It can be so time consuming writing and sending emails to your whole client base. Invest in Moosend and you’ll save multitudes of time and money.

Email Marketing Automation Platform for Thriving Businesses
The ultimate email marketing software and marketing automation platform that will not break your bank. Try Moosend for free!

Moosend categorizes its product into 5 distinct goals. Do you want to send an email, manage your audience, grow your marketing, automate your marketing, or track your efforts? You’ll be able to do all this with Moosend. It sounds almost too good to be true! Moosend offers a 30 day free trial, afterwards, it’s $9 USD a month. It’s a modest price for remarkable and effective software.


BatchLeads helps real estate investors, agents, and brokers, along with home services and mortgage professionals to find more prospects, close more deals and maximize revenue! Remember how we were talking about generating leads earlier? Well, BatchLeads is another software that helps with the same thing. It helps real estate professionals organize and manage their leads. BatchLeads is great for lead generation because it searches for leads based on your ideal customer, analyses properties and identifies the best opportunities, and engages directly with the property owner.

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BatchLeads has also categorized its services depending on the role. Remember, this software is specifically made for real estate professionals, so it knows exactly what you need. Whether you’re a real estate investor, wholesaler, agent or broker, mortgage lender, or property contractor, BatchLeads understands you. BatchLeads find motivated, powerful leads so you don’t have to waste time on the wrong people. It’s a fully automated property intelligence platform. All you need to do is download the software, input your goals, and let BatchLeads do the rest!


Airtable is a cloud collaboration service founded in San Francisco in 2012. Airtable describes itself as a “spreadsheet-database hybrid”. Functions of a database are applied to a spreadsheet format creating a multi-use software platform. An Airtable has cells and columns just like the traditional spreadsheet. In addition, it also has features like checkboxes, phone number sections, and drop-down lists. Airtable users can create personalized databases, add column types, records, external links, and sort records. Airtable is the best part of a database and a spreadsheet. You never have to choose between the two ever again! It’s the best of both worlds.

Airtable | Everyone’s app platform
Airtable is a low-code platform for building collaborative apps. Customize your workflow, collaborate, and achieve ambitious outcomes. Get started for free.

Airtable is particularly good for real estate agents because it allows you to organize all your data in one spot. Integrate all your applications and services. From here, you can unleash your business potential with a single software that connects data, workflows, and teams. You can see exactly who your clients are, when they last purchased their house, where they live now, the value of their current property, their sales history, and so much more, all in one place! You can personalize Airtable to mirror the size, scale, and needs of your business. Gone are the days of settling for applications that aren’t perfect for you. Airtable will maximize your productivity and make your life so much easier! See exactly who your clients are, what they need, and how you can help them, all in one place! Once you’ve got Airtable, you’ll never return to traditional databases and spreadsheets.


Motion uses artificial intelligence to plan your calendar. Motion organizes all your meetings, deadlines, tasks, and projects. It does all this based on data and analytics. Motion knows how to prioritize your work. We can all get overwhelmed by endless to-do lists and stupidly long meetings. Motion helps you track your progress, limit your meetings, and protect your time. Motion is totally revolutionary.

Motion | Manage calendars, meetings, projects & tasks in one app
Automatically prioritize tasks, schedule meetings, and resolve calendar conflicts. Used by over 10k CEOs and professionals to improve focus, get more done, and streamline workday.

Your entire schedule is all in one place and has been created based on logic, not impulse. Motion will help you focus when you need to, network when you need to, and ensures your days are actually done by the time the clock hits five. Download Motion today and finally make your real estate life stress-free.